Chelsea Willmott

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Nurse Educator - Empowering Education Central Otago
Nursing Lecturer - Otago Polytechnic


I am a registered nurse, a nursing lecturer, academic and educator. I am incredibly passionate about nursing and inspiring people to reach their full potential and love to help experienced nurses revolutionise their practice and find their spark again. I enjoy making a difference. Clinically my background and passion is within the specialty of emergency and trauma nursing and I have worked across NZ, the USA, UK and Australia. 


I have called Wanaka home for the last 6 years, and I currently work between Dunedin, Queenstown and Wanaka. I am originally from Melbourne, yet I decided to undertake a Bachelor of Nursing in Dunedin vs Australia. At the time Dunedin's School of Nursing was internationally very prominent within the world of Nursing. I went onto gain my postgraduate qualifications with Otago University and currently undertaking my Masters and working to a PhD pathway with Otago University. My research is focused on horizontal violence in nursing and will be used to develop an education model to educate undergraduate and experienced nurses with skills to successfully cope with and navigate this difficult phenomenon. Equally my research is focused on nurse longevity within the profession, valuing the individual struggles and challenges and through education imparting knowledge around self-care strategies that are effective within the reality of the current nursing culture and workforce climate, which is sadly filled with horizontal violence. 


My most recent project has been launching a company called Empowering Education in Otago. The aim here is to reduce the geographical barriers that health professionals face when working in semi-rural and rural locations. We provide workshops, courses and also are planning a nursing conference for 2017. The other aspect of this company is to provide health and illness education to the general public and we just delivered our first illness seminar called 'What to do when''. We are aiming to take this and other projects around New Zealand and this is a brand new approach and initiative to educating New Zealanders, and ultimately reducing the impact of crisis and illness.



Abstract Title: Why do nurse's like to eat their young?

The presentation will provide attendees with thought provoking dialogue and challenging assumptions that are based within the reality of nursing culture and horizontal violence. It aims to deliver a perspective beyond the current research, which largely focuses on the prevalence of this phenomenon. A sociological, anthropological and psychological lens will be used to deconstruct nurse on nurse behaviour and pull apart some of the truths that exist within the workplace. 

Throughout the discussion personal accounts will be injected which are from a variety of contexts and sources and the audience will be invited to interact and share. We will look at the cycle of horizontal violence, debate varying explanations for its existence and question why this culture remains despite nonviolence policies integrated within many NZ DHB's. 

Finally, the discussion will conclude with cognitive rehearsal techniques, concepts to support colleagues and yourself, reflective inquiry and the importance on self-care strategies. 



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